Our Key Features

  • Project Management

    Talygen offers a huge suite of features for any business. If you need to collaborate with your customers then you need to check out the Talygen project management module.


    CRM (customer relationship management) is critical to the sales of a company. Talygen's CRM module helps manage your present and prospective customers.

    Time Tracking

    Talygen enables its clients to track and manage projects, employee progress & performance, profitability reports and more! Talygen also offers an easy to use online portal.

    Job Portal

    TALYGEN allow companies to effectively fulfill open positions by recruiting the best matching candidate. We provide branding through customizable job board, applicant tracking.

    Expense Tracking

    Finally there is an online tool that makes it easy for businesses, employees, contractors and everyone to track expenses. Expense tracking plays a very important role in running your company.

    Event Management

    Talygen's event manager enables organizations of any size to manage their events. It helps users create and manage events, meetings, occasions, conferences, etc.

  • Easy to use Touch...

    Talygen is an online software application built with the client's needs in mind. Our services are easy to use and implement and are touch screen friendly.

    Employee Management

    Reviewing and tracking employee's tasks and progress is made simple with Talygen's easy to use time tracking solution. By utilizing our online services, you'll never have to micromanage your employees.

    HR Enforcement

    Time-Off management becomes a breeze using Talygen. Employees can easily apply for leave via the online portal, while managers can approve requests following a company's standard business rules.

    Client Portals

    Talygen allows a company to share project progress and details with clients through the client login feature. Approved company admins are able to set up client access with no additional development time needed.

    Ticketing System

    A company can now utilize Talygen' s built in ticketing functionality. You can now have your own ticket system to help keep track of any open issues.

    Performance Review

    Employee reviews can be completed in less than half the time and with no required paperwork with just a few clicks. Talygen has been designed to offer control, balance, and value when conducting performance reviews.

  • Invoicing

    Invoices can be created automatically from expenses and hours entered in Talygen. You will also have the option to send invoices directly to a client via the client portal.

    Corporate Knowledge Base

    The knowledge base is a tool which companies can use to share information with other users and clients. It is repository of articles which a company can create to helps users.

    Cloud Storage

    Talygen allows users to share documents with your team and your clients, in addition to simply sharing them, there are advanced options like versioning of the documents so a history can be maintained.

    Message board

    The message board module allows for easy interaction among teams, employees, and clients. When used with the screenshot functionality, Talygen encourages increased communication with your clients.

    Gantt Chart

    The Gantt chart is a simple and seamless visual representation of a project plan. It is graphical representation of the start and end of the terminal and summary elements of the project.

    User Live Chat

    Talygen user live chat "Socialize" is web messenger allowing users to communicate within in a company. The users can create groups for group chat.

About Omni's Partnership with Talygen

Omni Business Solutions is a privately held, highly motivated and diverse IT Solutions and Outsourcing Services Company. We are a Value-Added Reseller (VAR), Managed Service Provider (MSP), Independent Software Vendor (ISV), Systems Integrator and Solution Provider that serve Small, Medium and Enterprise (SME) clients throughout North America (US, Canada, Mexico) in numerous vertical markets. Omni Business Solutions has state vendor relationships within the United States and System Award Management (SAM) approved to provide goods and services to the federal government and all branches of military. Omni Business Solutions has an "A +" rating with the Better Business Bureau. We hold partnerships, certifications and memberships with over 50 of the worlds most distinguished OEM IT companies, associations and organizations.

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